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Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

A significant change, in only 2 short weeks!

Gary has a bit of a temper, but I've already noticed the change. He's more respectful to me. And his teachers can't believe it! He calls them "ma'am" and "sir". No other kid in his class shows their teachers this much respect.

It really makes me feel great, and I feel like I've done a great thing for myself and my child by enrolling him in this martial arts class.

Alice Thompson

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

When Brian got off the bus today, and got in the car, he couldn't stop talking about how he stood up to this bully who had been picking on him for weeks! He said the bully backed down, and everyone saw it! I got so choked up that he looked at me and asked me why I was crying. I just told him I was so proud of him.

Thank you

Bill Gray

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that Michael did his homework today the first time I asked him! I'm still in shock! I know it's because of what he learned in class.

You have put together an incredible program. Thank you so much.

Marsha Humphrey

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

She just can't wait for martial arts days...

At first I wasn't sure if Ashley would like the program. After all, she's only 6, so she never really sticks to anything.

Boy was I wrong! She gets extremely upset if we ever have to miss a class now. And I can tell she's more focused, more attentive, and just all around happier after starting this program.

Cynthia Snyder

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

I had no idea what I was capable of... It's so much more than what I thought.

Okay, so for me Adult Martial Arts was hard at first. My body was NOT used to moving that way! Plus the closest to sports I ever came was cheerleading for a month in high school.

But now my body is honestly able to do things I never thought possible. I feel so flexible. And limber. And so full of energy! It's like I wake up and I just want to move, move, move and go do things! I have more energy for my kids, for my job, for my husband, for my friends, and for myself.

This is NOT just learning how to defend yourself. This is learning how to make your life even better. In every way. Do yourself a favor and try it! Seriously! Call me when your life completely changes, for the better.

Stephanie Parker

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

I don't get heated up over the little stuff anymore...

One of the things we learn in class is not just how to control our bodies, but how to control our minds and emotions too.

I feel that I have an inner calm now. It's like nothing can shake me. I'm polite and courteous in situations where I used to sometimes be short with people. I smile genuinely at all of my customers. I'm more appreciative of my family and friends.

This is NOT just learning how to defend yourself. This is learning how to make your life even better. In every way.

Meagan Moore

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

For the first time in my life, I have a flat, toned stomach!

This is crazy... Even when I let my stomach hang out - I still see the muscles! I didn't even have a stomach like this in my teen years - or in my 20s.

When we go to the beach... Or when I go for a jog and wear a sports bra... I feel GOOD. No more feeling self-conscious or worried about how I look. I just feel great, and energized.

I've honestly never felt better!

Stacie Gray

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

I stood up to a 'tough guy' at the club - and he backed down!

Just wanted to let you know the other day I was at the club, and accidentally bumped into this guy. He must've been a little "off" or something because he started yelling and screaming calling me names. I looked him in the eyes and politely said, "Hey, I'm sorry for bumping you man. I'd rather not fight, but if we have to, let's go outside." And I just looked him straight in the eyes.

Normally I would've backed down. But after just a couple months of Martial Arts - I feel like I can defend myself. I'll never back down again.

James Dolan

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

The funnest way to lose weight and get in shape.

Between the amazing staff who are extremely supportive, the awesome people taking the class who smile at me and help keep me motivated, and the amazing feeling that comes from a fun, full-body work out...

This has to be the funnest thing ever. Seriously. I laugh and smile through every class, AND I'm losing weight.

In fact, every week I step on the scale and I'm a few pounds lighter, and closer to my goal.

THANK you!

Cassidy H.

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

Honestly, its just a really fun way to lose weight*

I simply LOVE the Kickboxing program at Novastar Martial Arts! The instructors are extremely fun and motivating. They make the workout exciting and different each time. The high energy music makes the workout even more enjoyable.

For anyone looking for a great way to get fit, Kickboxing is the answer. I have been doing it for many years, and it is by far my favorite workout!

I used to have this image of Kickboxing as a really hard thing that only super-athletic people could do... I'm so glad my friend convinced me to try it out, because I was so wrong!

Sure, it was a little awkward at first to learn the moves - but I learned them really quickly, and now I don't even think about it.

I also used to think it was really violent. I mean, you're learning how to fight, right? Well, honestly its just a really fun way to lose weight.You're learning self-defense, but really above all else its just a really engaging way to lose weight. The class is so fun you forget you're even getting a workout!

Gabriela H.

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

I started this program a week ago, and have already lost 4 pounds. The only things I've changed in my life are joining this program, and making a few nutritional changes to what I eat. Nothing big - I didn't go on a crazy diet or anything.

Just from those two things, I've already lost 4 pounds, and I can feel even more weight coming off of me.

Can't wait to see the scale next week :-)

Kerri F.

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

If I can do this, anyone can!

Kickboxing Workouts

I've had some back and leg problems throughout my life, so I wasn't sure if I could do Kickboxing. It seems like such a high intensity workout that I didn't think I could do it with my leg and back pain.

Well, something in my gut told me to just show up and give it a try... I'm very thankful I did. The instructors are so supportive. They help you go at a level that's just right for you - while gently pushing you to always do better.

And, amazingly enough, my leg and back pain is simply gone. I think the new flexibility I've gained, plus all the weight I've lost, has healed whatever was going on. I don't know how it works - I just know it did.

Steve H.

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

Emily felt like she was on top of the world! It was great.

We've done all kinds of parties for Emily. Most of them involve the kids running around like banshees screaming and laughing and going crazy. It's safe to say that I get a good night's sleep after those parties - because I have to run around making sure they don't hurt themselves!

However, your staff was extremely supportive and trustworthy. I felt like I could really relax and enjoy myself. The kids really respect and listen to you guys, which made it very easy on me. I HIGHLY recommend this to all parents! You and your child will love it!

Thank you!

Between showing off all of the moves she's learned...and helping her friends learn some basic moves too... Emily felt like she was on top of the world. I've never seen her smile bigger.

Thanks for a wonderful opportunity.

Lisa Johnston

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

The sensei are both amazing (Doug & Another younger gentleman about 30 years old or so) with the kids. I have a 3.5 year old boy whom is just filled to the brim with energy and this Is the best outlet for him to burn it off!! He now falls right asleep after dinner at 7 pm which is awesome for mom and dad, and wakes up refreshed each morning.

This is more than just martial arts. They do teach your children/teens/ect the art and self defense and all of that, but the respect and discipline I've seen in my son Colt's behavior these last couple months is nothing short of a miracle. They teach these kids how to be proper men/women and to be respectful and communicate with one another and these are skills that are falling by the wayside these days. I can't praise sensei Doug and his staff of sensei any more. I even got to talk to him after a class I watched one day (I work in LA so never got to see my son in action until this last week) and you can tell he really loves what he does, and wants the best for the kids. If you are on the fence, just give it a try! Trust me your son or daughter will beg you to come back next week

Justin Merlette

Kids Martial Arts near Mission Viejo

Our time thus far at Novastar has been transformative. We started with a very nervous child who did NOT want to go and just 3 months later have a confident young man who is the loudest in the class. Overall, we have seen improvements in our son's listening, focus, and self-control. Sensei Doug is great with keeping the kids focused, motivated, and enjoying the workout and learning.

Jeremy Liza Gant

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