Martial Arts Programs Available In Mission Viejo

Kids Karate

Our Kids Karate courses build vital mental and physical discipline, and give your child the confidence they need to succeed at any goal! Join us today at Novastar Martial Arts and kickstart your child's growth with Mission Viejo's most comprehensive Kids Karate courses!

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Adult Karate

Our Adult Karate program offers comprehensive, newcomer-friendly training by some of the best martial artists in Mission Viejo. In our classes, you will learn to hone your mind and body to become a master of yourself and your safety. No matter your experience level, Novastar Martial Arts invites you to start your path to self-defense today!

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Watch the time fly by and the pounds fly off with Novastar Martial Art's Fitness Kickboxing program! We combine the fun and intensity of kickboxing with the regimen of a full-body workout to create an experience that's as fun as it is effective! Fill out the form on your screen and get ready for the best workout program you'll ever use!

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